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Mount Abu

At the time of British rule in India Mount Abu was one of the popular summer places for British people. This place kept them away form the dusty and dry heat of the plains of Rajasthan. There are small huts and cottages which still tell the stories of those times till today.

Mount Abu was also the adobe of lots of saints and sages in the olden days. It is said that three hundred and thirty million gods and goddesses of Hindu pantheon used to visit this holy mountain. This clearly shows that this place retrieves history in itself.

There are lots of tourist attractions in Mount Abu. In case you want to explore these attractions a very good idea would be to hire car rentals. The main reason behind this is that there will be no time bounds and you can experience safe and comfortable journey.

Some of the major attractions of Mount Abu are as follows:

Gaumukh Temple

On the side of the Abu road side of Mount Abu there is a small stream that flows from the marble cow mouth. This is the thing from which the temple gets its name. Also there is a figure of Marble of bull Nandi which is a Shiva's vehicle. There is a site of sacrificial fire which is referred to as Agni Kund. On top of this there is an image of Vashishtha which was flanked by the figures of Krishna and Rama. You will have to cross seven hundred and fifty steps down the valley to reach to the temple.

Dilwara Jain Temples

The complex of this place comprises of two temples which comprises of distinctive marble carvings. The old temple is the Vimal Vasahi which was constructed in the year 1031 through the Gujarati Minister named as Vimal. This was dedicated to first trithankar that is Adinath. In the central place there is figurine image of Adinath. At the enterance there are forty eight impressively carved pillars in the courtyard.

Adhar Devi Temple

Around three kilometers from the north of the town is the Adhar Devi Temple. This is made out of huge rock and to reach there you need to cross three hundred sixty five steps. In order get through the entrance of the temple you need to stoop a bit. This is one of the popular and best tourist attractions.

View points

There are various points around this place among them one of them is sunset point which is around 1.5 kilometers from the Mount Abu tourist office. Hoards stroll is also one of the points. You will find unusual food stalls as well as distinctive entertainment. This is around one kilometer of walk through the road of viewpoint and you can also hire a horse to go there.

Guru Shikhar

Around fifteen kilometers from Mount Abu near the end of plateau is the Guru Shikhar. This is one of the highest point in Rajasthan at around 1722m. There is a road that goes almost all the way through the summit. On the top of this there is Atri Rishi Temple. This is the place complete of priest as well as great views all around.

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