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Udaipur – Rishabdeo - Udaipur

After you all gather at the said place the tour to Rishabhdeo will commence. This place situated at an approximate distance of 65 kilometers from Udaipur it is said to be prominent for the many splendid old Jain temples. They are situated in the village of Dhulev and they are also termed as a centre for a lot of cast and tribal people.


This Rishabdeo temple is dedicated to the Lord Rishabdeo. He was the first Jain Tirthankara. Proceeding further, you can see the artistically decorated doors, magnificent arches and also wall pinnacles etc. when you start to get closer to this temple you will be able to see the 52 pinnacles even from a far distance. Apart from the scenic beauty the temple is also designed considering all the many scientific architectures.

Here you can have a glimpse of the beautifully carved idol of Marudevi Mata. The idol of this goddess who was the mother of Lord Rishabdeo is placed just in front of the main temple. When you come across the deity you would just be mesmerized with the beauty. Though black in color Bhagwan Rishabdeo is approximately 4 feet in height (seated). It is in a posture where he is seen sitting in the Padmasana position with his long hair touching the shoulders.

Moving further you can look at the 23 idols from which 2 are standing and the other 21 are in a seating posture. They are placed at the back of the principal deity. The Bhils present here are known to address this idol as the Kalababa. From ages it has been seen that saffron is offered here to Bhagawan Rishabhdeo. The amount of saffron now is so much that people now call this deity as God Kesariyanath.

Pagliyaji Palace is the next which you will be taken to after the visit to Rishabdeo. This is approximately 2km away from the Rishabdeo temple. You will find the footprints of Lord Rishabdeo here. They are placed in a cenotaph and there are also many people who worship this.

Evening your tour completes with coming back to Udaipur. You can then move on and proceed to your respective destinations.

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