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Udaipur and Nearby

The city of Udaipur was the foundation fo Maharana Udai Sighn II in around 1559. This was the first capital of Mewar kingdom. There is history associated behind the foundation of this place. The history goes as Maharana Udai Singh II while hunting came across an hermit in the foothills of Aravalli range. The king was blessed by the hermit and hermit suggested the kin to construct a palace at this place by giving an assurance that this will be well protected. So the king thought and finally constructed residence at this place. In the year 1568the fort of Chittor was captured by emperor Akbar and Udai Singh went to his residence which is referred to the city of Udaipur.

Destinations covered:

Udaipur (2 nights) – Ranakpur and Khumbhalgarh – Nathdwara and Eklingji.

Tour description:

Day 1: reach Udaipur

In the morning when you reach Udaipur city you will be transferred to the Udaipur hotel through our representative. After that you will be taken for sightseeing which includes:

City Palace:

It is one of the biggest complexes of Rajasthan. This is one of the marvelous architectural constructions over the lake which surrounds crenellated walls. The main entrance of this Palace is through the triple arch which also comprises of eight marble porticos. This Palace comprises of pavilions, courtyards, balconies, rooms as well as corridors.

Pichola Lake

This is one of the most beautiful lake constructed by Maharana Udai Singh IIafter he discovered the city. This lake is surrounded by hills, temples, palaces and many more.

Crystal Gallery:

This is where you will witness Udaipur royalty. At this place you can have a glimpse at the wonderful crystal collection of Raja Sajjan Singh. In the year 1877 raja had ordered a fabulous compilation of crystals from outside the country. Prior to it getting delivered raja died and so these crystals were put into storage which was later on kept for tourism purpose.

Sajjan Garh:

Monsson Palace is another name for this attraction of Udaipur. This was built by Maharaja Sajjan Singh in the nineteenth century. In the night this palace is illuminated and it is nothing less than that of the fairy tail.From this place you can enjoy beautiful views of city lakes, countryside and palaces.

Saheliyon ki Bari:

This was a relaxing spot for the royal ladies and so it can be said that it is a small ornamental garden. This garden comprises of lot of fountains, four pools as well as marble elephant.

After roaming to these places take the pleasure of boat ride to Pichola or Fateh Safar Lake.

Day 2: Tour to Ranakpur and Khumbhalgarh

Once you are done with your morning breakfast it is time for you to check out Ranakpur and khumbhalgarh.

Khumbhalgarh Fort:

Khumbhalgarh is around eighty five kilometers from Udaipur. The Khumbhalgarh fort is second most significant fort of Mewar kingdom. This fort was constructed in fifteenth century AD by Rana Kumbha.

This is one of the massive fort with 36km long wall, seven magetsic gates as well as seven ramparts. The last gate that is Nimboo Pol comprises of wonderful chambers. As per the history Udai Singh took a shelter by hiding at these chambers in order to save himself from his uncle who had murderous intentions. The fort is rich in history.

Ranakpur Jain Temple:

Ranakpur Jain Temple was developed by the monarch Rana Kumbha in the fifteenth century. The basement of this is around 48000 sq. feet which covers the entire complex.On top of this there are 24 pillared halls, domes supported through 400 columns and 4 subsidiary shrines. You will also see the artistically carved nymphs that are playing flute that too in different postures of dance. The assembly hall comprises of 2 big bells which weigh around 108 kg. The main part of the temple that is Chaumukh which is four faces temple is devoted to Adinath.

After exploring these places your drive will be back to Udaipur. Have a night stay at Udaipur hotel.

Day 3: Tour to Nathdwara and Eklingji

Once you have your morning breakfast your drive will be towards visiting attractions Nathdwara and Eklingi


The shrine which is at Nathdwara was constructed in around seventeenth century and that too the spot was selected by Shrinatji himself. It is said that the idol of Lord Krishna was being relocated to a place that is safe so that it can be protected from anti hindu destructions of Mughal ruler that is Aurangazeb. At the time the idol reached a place at village Sihad the bullock cart in which the idol was being transferred sank deep inside the mud and it was hard to be removed. Thsiw as considered as the Lord's selected place and so Shrinatji Temple was constructed at this place. This is also referred to as Haveli of Shrinathji.


This is one of the wonderfully sculpted temple which was constructed in fifteenth century and it was rebuilt by making use of the ruins of priory destroyed temple. This temple comprises of 108 temples. The wall of the entire complex is made out of granite and marble. This also comprises of huge and enormous double storied pillared hall also referred to as mandap with a four faced image of Lord Shiva in black color. One more temple in this complex is the Lakulish Temple which is constructed in 1971. This is only one Lakulish sect throughout India.

In the evening get back to Udaipur.

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