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Different Types of Royal Wedding

Who would not want to indulge in lavish and colorful wedding? Royal weddings are not only about flaunting one's family wealth and status but also celebrate the ceremony with zest and fervor. It is about the festive spirits that everybody is into and last for days.

Indian Hindu Wedding:

The tradition of Indian Hindu Wedding was formatted approximately 35 centuries ago. It is believed that each of the ritual like lighting up the Vedic fire, bride and groom walking around it 7 times etc. has a philosophical meaning. There are chanting of hymns and mantras that are elaborate to invoke the Hindu deities for their blessings to the couple getting married.

There are basic rituals that are followed in Indian Hindu Wedding. It is the about the location, ambiance, music, food, outfits, decoration etc. that defines whether the wedding is royal or not. Wedding planners are hired to organize the grand event. With the offered budget the planners would work around the wedding planning. Royal palaces or heritage hotels are a common pick for the royal Hindu wedding organizers. Guests would never find any discomfort in terms of seating, food or music. The location not only makes the wedding extravagant but also sets an ambiance for festive and grand spirits.

Bengali Wedding:

The singular moment of wedding is celebrated in different lands differently. Bengali rituals for wedding are long and elaborate. Each of the ritual is accomplished in the presence of purohits. There are guests who participate in most of the rituals. Arranging for the comfort of the guests along with the grandeur of the event marks the lavish and rich wedding.

South Indian Wedding:

Even though the rituals for most of the South Indian Wedding are simple, it is about the decoration of the wedding venue. Right from the venue gate to the interiors of the venue has to be strikingly decorated. Using flowers with mesmerizing fragrance and full grown plants in embellishing the venue is mandatory. Many hosts make use of rose water or rose perfume to welcome their guests. Taking care of intricate details in decoration, choice of music, food to impress the palate of guests is intrinsic to royal weddings.

Christian Wedding:

Many girls dream of magical wedding wherein they get the chance to be a princess. With a well preserved heritage palace a simple Christian wedding can transformed into a magnificent royal wedding. Regal setting exudes the majestic radiance that would etch the wedding permanently into the memories who shared it.

Rituals might vary in royal weddings but one thing remains in common – magnificence of the event. Right from making arrangements for the guests to the departure of the bride everything has to be of high stature. Since it is once in a lifetime moment for both bride and groom, the celebration of wedding has high prominence. Grander the event, more unforgettable experience would it be for everybody.

Royal weddings are about creating memories worth a lifetime for not just the bride and groom but also for their families. They are colorful and vibrant creating a real life fairy tale experience for all.

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